Maddie McNab, born and raised in Australia, is the Founder and Creative Director of Robed. Her journey with Robed began during the COVID pandemic when she found herself yearning to bring to life luxurious robe designs, envisioning them gracing long summers in Europe, the USA, and destinations across the globe. 

The idea for Robed had been brewing within Maddie's mind for some time, and she decided to turn it into reality, during the lockdown period. Alongside her two sisters, they embarked on a transformative journey they affectionately called "business bootcamp". Each sister pursued their own business plans and ideas, determined to bring them to life.

Robed, the embodiment of Maddie's creative vision, stands for more than just resort wear. It's a celebration of timeless elegance, sartorial finesse, and the beauty of life's extraordinary moments. 

Robed pieces are carefully curated from the most luxurious fabrics, adding a dash of daring in an array of stunning colors. These creations are designed to be your companions for holidays, sultry summer nights, maternity milestones, and all the extraordinary experiences that life has to offer.